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2017 NEKMEA Choir Mini-Convention Info
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Audition Selections

Way Over in Beulah Lan'
Arr. Stacey Gibbs
SATB divisi unaccompanied
Gentry Publications JG2370
** See note below regarding part divisions

Flight Song
Kim Andre Arnesen
SATB with piano
Earthsongs Music

Sing On! Dance On!
Arr. Christopher Aspaas
* This title will not be performed at NEKMEA. See note below.

Additional Selections

The Heavens are Telling from "The Creation"
Franz Josef Haydn
SATB with solo trio and piano
CPDL - www0.cpdl.org/wiki/images/sheet/haydn011.pdf

Sanctus from "Requiem"
Gabriel Faure
SATB with piano and solo violin
CPDL CHORAL parts only - www1.cpdl.org/wiki/images/a/a2/Faure-Sanctus3.pdf
or Choral/Piano - www1.cpdl.org/wiki/images/9/91/Ws-fau-req3.pdf

Turn the World Around
Jamaican Folksong
arr. Larry Farrow
SATB with piano and djembe
Gentry Publications
* Our district choir clinician, Dr. Charles Robinson, decided to program two of the audition pieces, and a third piece from the All-State repertoire. He decided not to include the Aspaas arrangement of "Sing On, Dance On" since he wants Dr. Aspaas to present this with his own distinctive interpretation and insights, and without any bias from Dr. Robinson.

** Part Divisions for Way Over in Beulah Lan'
When the three-part treble division is not designated with up/down stems (ex. m. 10-16), S2 and A1 sing middle.

When three-part bass clef division, B1 always sings middle (including at m. 117 and 125).
m. 140, S1 sings A flat grace note and high F and S2 rests for the bar
m. 141, S2 and A1 sing the C's and A2 sings the A flats
m. 142 (stems down), S2, A1, A2 division
m. 143, S2 and A1 sing top of down stem notes and A2 the bottom
m. 144, S2 moves up to F and S1 splits on move to A flat and C for opt. notes (like recording)
Becky Thomas
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