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2015-16 KMEA All-State
Audition Excerpts

The KMEA state website has been upgraded and many URLs are no longer the same. The links listed here have been updated.

HS Choir
Band (Wind/Perc)
Jazz Band
ML Choir
Elem. Choir
KMEA All-State Instrumental Live Auditions for All-State Bands, All-State Jazz Band, All-State Orchestra will be held Jan. 9, 2016, at Salina-Central High School. The weather contingency date will be one week later on Jan. 16.

South Central Kansas
Music Educators Association

Welcome to the SC Kansas Music Educators Association. Please take advantage of the opportunities that are offered through the South Central District. Check the website often, as it is the official means of communication within our district. All information concerning district events will be posted here.

2015-16 President's Letter

Welcome back to a terrific school year! Amid challenging state reports music educators can relish in the report that music education has again been affirmed as a core subject in our schools by the passage in the Senate of the "Every Child Achieves Act." The work is not quite done in that the House and the Senate have yet to agree on a final bill, so keep the steady flow of information going on how good music is for our students and citizens!

We have some wonderful opportunities coming up for all musical education genre, so be sure to explore the website. Coming very soon is a new updated KMEA website, mobile ready for any of your devices. All of the chairs will soon have complete information regarding registration. Please be sure to explore everything your students can do this year. Please note also that an All-State Elementary Choir will be presented for the first time at the ISW in February, rehearsing on Thursday of the ISW and performing on the President's Concert, directed by Elaine Quilichini of the Calgary Women's Choir. Spread the word to your elementary team members—this is a super additional ISW performance opportunity for a large population of our constituents. Audition and registration information is available at - all they have to sing is My Country 'Tis of Thee!

Don't forget the other auditions for younger students available by digital upload for middle school students—the KMEA All-State Middle Level Choir and for ages 5th-9th grades, the KCDA Treble Honor Choir. All are tremendous opportunities to broaden the scope of exposure to internationally recognized directors, sponsored by KMEA and our affiliate organizations.

Thank you to all of the board members who are serving our students; we are grateful for the time and energy they put into making our district a welcoming place to be. If you know of a new music educator, please let us know so we can contact them to be a support during their challenging first years.

If you have been inspired by a master teacher in your area or have been assisted by a supportive administrator, please don't hesitate to nominate them for Teacher of the Year and Administrator of the Year by Oct. 1. They can do so much for all of our students when they are supportive of what we are doing. Be sure to nominate them by Oct. 1. Nomination materials are available on the website—be sure to add lots of testimonials so our district candidates can compete for KMEA Teacher and Administrator of the Year.

High School educators, please do not forget the scholarship opportunities available through both SCKMEA and KMEA for your students. It just takes the time to apply and a great application essay due by Oct. 1. Please be sure your students are aware of this great opportunity.

Resources for all teachers:
KMEA on Twitter: @ksmea
SCKMEA on Twitter: @sckmea
Kansas Music Review - nationally recognized online magazine, complete with a digital source for topics:
KMEA website:

National conference is another great resource for educators; the NAfME National Conference will held Oct. 25-28 in Nashville. If you go, let us know and be sure to send pics! Don't forget to remind your 2016 All-State performers they are eligible to audition for the national groups for Dallas National Convention in the Fall of 2016.

Thanks for all you do to create such a magical education for our students—you work long hours with little break but it is worth it when that one kid, or 5, or 150, gets it. There's nothing better and it is all because of you. Thank you!

Amy Brown
President, South Central Kansas Music Educators Association

New Teachers! (also not-so new!)
Be sure to check out the New teacher's Handbook on the KMEA website ( This exciting new area is full of great suggestions, help contacts, and helpful reminders. It will be a valuable tool for ALL of us! Be sure to check this out! While you're at the KMEA website, you can find more about our mentoring program, plus lots of information about our state organization.