All-State Orchestra
2012-13 Roster

String sections are listed alphabetically by last name. Final seating will be determined on-site.

Violin I
Genevieve Akins, Topeka-West
Matt Boyer, Shawnee Mission-East
Eric Briscoe, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Tyler Cochran, Manhattan
Emily Colebank, Shawnee Mission-East
Alexander Dang, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Elbegduuren Erdenee, Lawrence
Samantha Erickson, Topeka
Casey Gregory, McPherson
Hannah Hund, Wichita-East
Victoria Hwang, Wichita-East
Sara Jenab, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Vannis Jones, Shawnee Mission-East
Liana Kabins, Topeka-Washburn Rural
Joo-Young Lee, Lawrence
Mykell Ma, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Tammy Ma, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Lindsey Mackiewicz, Olathe-Northwest
Sarah Mortenson, Manhattan
Cindy Ouyang, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Helen Peng, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Sam Rowe, Shawnee Mission-East
Sam Shook, Wichita-East
Jennifer Terrell, Maize
Janelle Tong, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Emma Wingert, Wichita-Northwest

Violin II
Grace Bradfield, Wichita-Collegiate
Caroline Distler, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Janelle Finley, Olathe-Heritage Christian Academy
Josiah Gray, Wichita-East
Patrick Guvele, Manhattan
Lauren Harrell, Emporia
Madison Hattaway, Shawnee Mission-East
Cole Johnson, Beloit
Hari Karne, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Charles Lin, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Guo Lin, Wichita-East
Anna Lipscomb, Olathe-Heritage Christian Academy
Clara Miller-Broomfield, Olathe-East
Jordan Ozier, Parsons
Madeline Pershall, Topeka
Michaela Player, Olathe-South
Victoria Ratcliffe, Maize
Madison Ryan, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Ashwanth Samuel, Olathe-Northwest
Roy Schmeidler, Hays-Thomas More Prep-Marian
Anne Schneller, Olathe-Northwest
Brianna Sinsel, Shawnee Mission-North
Allison Tung, Wichita-East
Sarah Wray, Spring Hill
Annie Zhang, Overland Park-Blue Valley North

Courtney Allen, Wichita-Southeast
Caleb Austin, Dodge City
Andrew S. Bonci, Jr, Shawnee Mission-North
Brennan Case, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Jack Chen, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Lisa Erhart, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Ali Felman, Shawnee Mission-East
Emily Freeburne, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Molly Gasperi, Shawnee Mission-East
Roxy Gehring, Manhattan
Richard Griggs, Olathe-Northwest
Daniel Ibarra, Wichita-East
Irena Jasperson, Shawnee Mission-South
Quinn Kathrineberg, Salina-Central
Nicholas Klozik, Lawrence
Alexandria Mahan, Shawnee Mission-North
Taylor McClain, Junction City
Darren Moring, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Logan Nelson, Wichita-East
Abigail Penas, Olathe-East
Joe Simmons, Shawnee Mission-East
Alexandrea Taylor, Wichita-Heights
Chi-Leigh Warren, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Dan Wells, Cheney

Gregory Bixler, Olathe-North
Collin Braden, Shawnee Mission-North
Brennan Bukaty, Olathe-East
Michelle Buntain, Fort Scott
Audrey Chang, Olathe-North
Allie Chesbrough, Shawnee Mission-East
Clara Davison, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Austin Day, Wichita-Northwest
Thomas Forrester, Salina-South
Danielle Gerety, Maize
Alex Goudie-Averill, Topeka
Madeline Harder, Wichita-East
Addie Hotchkiss, Shawnee Mission-East
Jonathan Jarrell, Stillwell-Blue Valley
Jake Kwon, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
May Le, Wichita-East
Brett Lytle, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
Julia Marquez, Shawnee Mission-West
Joshua Mitchell, Wichita-North
William Page, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
Christopher Rooney, Hays
Bethany Schultz, Gardner-Edgerton
Esther Seitz, Topeka-Washburn Rural
Rob Simpson, Shawnee Mission-East
Joe Teeter, Topeka
Dustin Winters, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
Tommy Wong, Bel Aire-Northeast Magnet
Chloe Woodward, Newton
Kevin Xu, Shawnee Mission-East

Bryan Bailey, Shawnee Mission-East
Reed Boohar, Olathe-East
Matthew Brettmann, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Joe Donley, Olathe-East
Eleanor Dunlap, Lawrence
Benjamin Foerster, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Jesse Furst, Olathe-South
Kiana Jackson, Olathe-Northwest
Nick Leyden, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Andrew Michuda, Overland Park-Saint Thomas Aquinas
Mimi Rebein, Shawnee Mission-East

Bass - 1234A Band
Davis Drake, Fort Scott

Bass - 56A Band
Jake Wheeler, Shawnee Mission-East

Brenna Brase, Topeka-Washburn Rural
Victoria Floyd, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest

Emma Reno, Shawnee Mission-East

1 - Ardys Woodward, Newton
2 - Claire Tracy, Shawnee Mission-East
3 - Annie Schugart, Overland Park-Saint Thomas Aquinas
4 - Hyo Jin Lim, Hays-Thomas More Prep-Marian

1 - Evan Eschliman, Olathe-South
2 - Gabe Bann, Wichita-Kapaun-Mt Carmel
3 - Elizabeth Wolock, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
4 - Luisa Galhardo, Overland Park-Blue Valley West

1 - Grant Laster, Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
2 - Mark Adair, Goddard-Eisenhower
3 - Alex Johnson, Maize
4 - Margaret Unruh, Garden City

B-flat Clarinet
1 - Emmaline Lorenzo, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
2 - Brendan Fairleigh, Olathe-South
3 - Alexandra Keleti, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
4 - Kaylin Yang, Maize

1 - Chris Fairleigh, Olathe-South
2 - Joe Obr, Goddard-Eisenhower
3 - Grant Flaming, Goessel
4 - Joe Warner, Buhler
5 - Luke Augustine, Salina-South
6 - Phillip Olson, Shawnee Mission-East

1 - Ingrid Starkey, Shawnee Mission-East
2 - Grant Parker, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
3 - Kelly Sharpe, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
4 - Devany West, Lawrence-Free State
5 - Christopher Clarkston, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
6 - Elizabeth Martin, Olathe-East
7 - John Hanson, Leavenworth
8 - Larissa Liggett, Lincoln

1 - Samuel Broll, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
2 - Alex Souvannakhot, Olathe-Northwest
3 - Henry Law, Maize
4 - Kirk Kennedy, Shawnee Mission-West
5 - Brian Wise, Wichita-Independent
6 - Austin Bush, Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege

Chloe Gilligan, Lawrence-Free State

Snare Drum
1 - Grant Dickerson, Stilwell-Blue Valley
2 - Sam Dowell, Lawrence-Free State
3 - Luis Ewing, Hutchinson

Preston Thomas, Shawnee Mission-West

Mason Kelso, Eudora
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In This Section
Orchestra Chair
Martha Barnhill
Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights HS
4201 Shawnee Heights Rd
Tecumseh, KS 66542
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