All-State Choir
2012-2013 Roster

Congratulations to the 256 singers selected to the 2012-2013 Kansas All-State Choir. Each student (and their choir director) should look carefully to see the voice part listed next to each name. Several students had to be switched to another part to balance the choir. An asterisk is located next to those names. Students should make sure they are prepared to sing the part listed next to their name, even if that is not the part on which they auditioned. Directors are responsible to make sure their All-State Choir students are fully prepared on the program selections prior to arrival in Wichita.

* This student has been reassigned to another voice part to balance the choir. It is important that this student learn the voice part listed next to their name, as that is where they will be seated in the choir and that is the part the clinician will expect them to sing.

See you in Wichita!

Name Voice
Alex Tharman T1 Almena-Northern Valley
Lora Finley A1 Altamont-Labette County
Lauren Jones * A2 Altamont-Labette County
Caitlin Sewell S1 Altamont-Labette County
Julianna Smarsh A1 Andale
Jake Dutton T2 Andover
Joel Findley B1 Andover
Jared Germann T1 Andover
Dylan Harris T2 Andover-Central
Jonathan Altamirano T1 Arkansas City
Anna Meyer A2 Atchison
Sam Nolte B1 Atchison
Garrett Schuman * T2 Brookville-El-Saline
Katelynn Goscha A2 Buhler
Garrett Moody T1 Buhler
Benjamin Nuest T1 Buhler
Taylor Smith S2 Buhler
Lauren Busby A1 Chanute
Ethan Bush B2 Chanute
Mariah Bush S1 Chanute
Madison Wendt A1 Chanute
Blaine Galloway B1 Cheney
Jackie Byer S1 Cimarron
Levi Lacy T1 Cimarron
Alex Neuschafer T2 Cimarron
Kaleb Neuschafer T2 Cimarron
Ashley Kirk * S2 Coffeyville-Field Kindley
Brady Rose T1 Colby
Leyli Beims A2 Concordia
Gabe Bergmann B2 Concordia
Marie Brewer S2 Concordia
Olivia Leif S1 Concordia
Heather Letourneau A1 Concordia
Daniel Longfellow * B1 Concordia
Leah Ade A2 Derby
Alex Chase S2 Derby
Maddy Hills A1 Derby
Mathew Barnett B1 Dighton
Clayton Capra B1 Dighton
Cale Morrow B1 Dodge City
Shad Lewis B2 Downs-Lakeside
Haley Cross S1 Elbing-Berean Academy
Micaela Zuercher A2 Elbing-Berean Academy
Beth Mills A1 Elkhart
Hannah Maddy S2 Ellinwood
Stephanie Troyer S2 Ellinwood
Lauren Fitzgerald S1 Ellsworth
Chris Allen B2 Fort Scott
Jesse Guerrero T2 Fort Scott
Joshua Woolsey B2 Fort Scott
Jeffery Bogner T2 Garden City
Eric Maxwell B1 Garden City
Mario Ortega T1 Garden City
Cooper McGuire B2 Gardner-Edgerton
Kathleen Chartrand S1 Goddard
Sophia Macias A2 Goddard
Amelia Cole A1 Goddard-Eisenhower
Jenae Maley S1 Goddard-Eisenhower
Tyler Schulz B2 Goessel
Nicole Rieth A1 Grainfield-Wheatland
Erica Bertram S2 Greensburg-Kiowa County
Brian Eddings T1 Gypsum-Southeast of Saline
Marcy Gagna A2 Gypsum-Southeast of Saline
Max Befort T2 Hays
Abby Henry A2 Hays
Anna Hickert A2 Hays
Shelby Matlock S1 Hays
Rachel Muirhead A2 Hays
Dustin Mulkey B2 Hays
Nick Overbey B1 Hays
Raeanna Peacock S2 Hays
Cade Sharp B2 Hays
Adam Flax T2 Hays-Thomas More Prep-Marian
Kelli Veach S1 Hays-Thomas More Prep-Marian
Grace Volker S2 Hays-Thomas More Prep-Marian
Dean Dahlsten B2 Hesston
Emily Nickel S1 Hesston
Jordan Shirley A1 Hesston
Takoda Eckert B2 Hugoton
Brandon Heide T2 Hutchinson
Skye Conley T2 Independence
Garrett Prall T1 Iola
Josie Hayes A1 Jetmore-Hodgeman County
Madison Salmans A1 Jetmore-Hodgeman County
Jordan Scott B2 Kismet-Southwestern Heights
Jacquelyn Smith A2 Kismet-Southwestern Heights
Ryan Clark B2 LaCygne-Prairie View
Bailey Mortensen A2 Lansing
Adam Edmonds B2 Lawrence
Olivia Randolph A1 Lawrence
Cal Young B1 Lawrence
Brian Chang B2 Lawrence
Quinlan Carttar A1 Lawrence-Free State
Brenan Conroy T1 Lawrence-Free State
Christian Eisenhauer B1 Lawrence-Free State
Aaron Gehrke B1 Lawrence-Free State
David Glauner B1 Lawrence-Free State
Luke Lesslie T2 Lawrence-Free State
Trust Marshall S2 Lawrence-Free State
Addison McCauley T1 Lawrence-Free State
Morgan Miller A1 Lawrence-Free State
Noelle Olson S2 Lawrence-Free State
Kelsey Ranjbar S2 Lawrence-Free State
Jordan Swartzendruber A1 Lawrence-Free State
Rachel Asbury S1 Leavenworth
Marshall Hopkins T1 Leavenworth
Katie Nelson S1 Leavenworth
Joe Ruiter B2 Leavenworth
Dylan Holt T1 Liberal
Arne Lonberger B1 Lincoln
Mark Klaassen T2 Lindsborg-Smoky Valley
Stephen Klaassen T1 Lindsborg-Smoky Valley
Morgan Roets S2 Lindsborg-Smoky Valley
Alex Ponce A2 Macksville
Annemarie Bucholtz S2 Manhattan
Benjamin Clark B2 Manhattan
Nicholas Donohue B2 Manhattan
Mariah Messmer S1 Manhattan
William Michaels T2 Manhattan
Jakobi Wileman B1 Manhattan
Katie Wilson A1 Manhattan
Jesse Neilson T2 Mankato-Rock Hills
Isaac Baldwin T2 Marion
Ryan Nelson B1 Marion
Holly Harshberger A2 Meade
Chase Stucky T2 Moundridge
Lizzy Hampton A2 Mulvane
Kansas Hall A2 Neodesha
Jacqueline Newland S1 Neodesha
Alyssa Wierman S1 Ness City
Monika Marcus S2 Newton
Johnnye Ruder A1 Norton-Norton Community
Cassandra Canto S2 Oberlin-Decatur Community
Baron Green T1 Oberlin-Decatur Community
Caleb Koerperich B1 Oberlin-Decatur Community
Nikolas Andrews T1 Olathe-East
Joy Donnelly A2 Olathe-East
Sam Edwards T1 Olathe-East
Luke Harbur T1 Olathe-East
Adam Holthus B1 Olathe-East
Grant Johns T2 Olathe-East
Monia Sigler A1 Olathe-East
Viktoria Sterkhova A1 Olathe-East
Emily Freeman S2 Olathe-Northwest
Tyler Rickert T2 Olathe-Northwest
Quinn North T1 Olathe-South
Sarah Posz A1 Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Erica Punch A2 Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Makenzie Beaman A2 Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Keith Klein B2 Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Zach Kochuyt T1 Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Samuel Long B1 Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Katelynn Quick A1 Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Samuel Sweet T2 Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Robert Hartfield B1 Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
Hannah Smith S1 Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
Ciana Albarelli S2 Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Hayley Barkoviak A2 Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Kathryn Brewer S1 Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Sarah Gabriel A1 Overland Park-Saint Thomas Aquinas
Joshua Burns T1 Parsons
Hunter Goddard B1 Parsons
Brock Willard * T2 Parsons
Mason Bayliss T1 Pittsburg
Abbi Epperson A2 Pittsburg
Luis Hernandez B2 Pittsburg
Kevin McNay B2 Pittsburg
Devina Reetz * S2 Pittsburg
Hanna Wade * A2 Pittsburg
Michaela Wagner S1 Pittsburg
Kagen White * T2 Pittsburg
Kylie Wilber S2 Pittsburg
Sam Eastes B1 Pratt
Brittnee Hill S1 Pratt
Madison Moore S1 Pratt-Skyline
Meredith Light A2 Rolla
Grant DeMars B1 Salina-Central
Samantha Highsmith A2 Salina-Central
Shekhinah Jones * T2 Salina-Central
Jackson Mattek T1 Salina-Central
Shayla Martin S1 Salina-Sacred Heart
Jonathan Flores T1 Salina-South
Amanda Huehl-Phillips S2 Salina-South
Jon-Luke Martin B2 Salina-South
Garrett Redeker T1 Salina-South
Morgan Soldan S2 Salina-South
Breanna Emahizer S2 Scott City-Scott Community
Lane Turner T2 Scott City-Scott Community
Justin Armer B2 Shawnee Mission-East
Vanessa Daves A1 Shawnee Mission-East
Nichole Hine A2 Shawnee Mission-East
Joel Steelman B2 Shawnee Mission-North
Nico Caruso T1 Shawnee Mission-South
Jacob Elliott T2 Shawnee Mission-South
Rachel Fisher S1 Shawnee Mission-South
Leah Heathcote A2 Shawnee Mission-South
Michael Hicks B1 Shawnee Mission-South
Ian Hindle B2 Shawnee Mission-South
Dimitri Horton B2 Shawnee Mission-South
Eric Odum T2 Shawnee Mission-South
Alex Rhein T2 Shawnee Mission-South
Elena Rogers S1 Shawnee Mission-South
Ginger Seamon S1 Shawnee Mission-South
Paige Davis A2 Shawnee Mission-West
Trenna Keltner S2 Shawnee Mission-West
Alexander Martin B2 Shawnee Mission-West
Garrett Viets T2 Shawnee Mission-West
Parker Vowels T2 Shawnee Mission-West
Chloe Stewart S2 Shawnee-Mill Valley
Brooke Evans S1 Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Cameron Fair B2 Sterling
Kash Farney B2 Sterling
Andrew McPherson B1 Sterling
Kandra Pattison A2 Sterling
Luke Schwizer T2 Sterling
Cole Slupski T1 Sterling
Brian Walker B1 Sterling
Micah Watney T1 Sterling
Ali Hibschle S2 Stilwell-Blue Valley
Bri Woods A2 Stilwell-Blue Valley
Michelle Daldegan A1 Sublette
Jake Gesling B1 Sublette
Trevor Leverett T1 Sublette
Taylor Workman A1 Sylvan Grove-Sylvan Unified
Mary Stithem S1 Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights
Skyler Dykes S2 Topeka
Corbin Eakes B1 Topeka-Hayden
Marya Feldt S1 Topeka-Hayden
Ashley Cook S2 Topeka-Washburn Rural
Noah Lindquist T1 Topeka-West
Lucero Padilla T2 Topeka-West
Rachel Darey A1 Wamego
Carrie Goodson A2 Wamego
Ethan Malin T2 Wamego
Brian McCarty B1 Wamego
Maggie Shermoen S1 Wamego
Victoria Vontz A1 Wamego
Brian Gericke B1 Wichita-Carroll
Christina Scherer S2 Wichita-Carroll
Anne Hickerson S1 Wichita-Kapaun-Mt Carmel
Madeline Razook A1 Wichita-Kapaun-Mt Carmel
Emily Valdez S2 Wichita-North
Destiny Mangrum A1 Wichita-Northwest
Angelyn Montanez A2 Wichita-Northwest
Callie Ogborn S2 Wichita-Northwest
Sean Tillotson B2 Wichita-Northwest
Chelsea Winter A1 Wichita-Northwest
Panya Amphone B2 Wichita-Southeast
Jessica Butler S2 Winfield
Glynne Davis A1 Winfield
Caeleigh Harris S1 Winfield
Lane Hoyt T1 Winfield
Carter Humphreys B1 Winfield
Lauren Kohpay S1 Winfield
Chase Manly B1 Winfield
Tymon Wall B2 Winfield

* This student has been reassigned to another voice part to balance the choir. It is important that this student learn the voice part listed next to their name, as that is where they will be seated in the choir and that is the part the clinician will expect them to sing.
Choir Chair
Pam Williamson
Olathe-Northwest HS
21300 College Blvd
Olathe, KS 66061
hschoir @

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