56A All-State Band
2012-13 Roster

Wind sections are listed alphabetically by last name. Final seating will be determined on-site.

Mary Grekstas, Shawnee Mission-East
Alt. - Katie Shull, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Emily Babcock, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Erin Doyle, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Ronja Eilhardt, Shawnee Mission-South
Makayla Finch, Manhattan
Lauren Hudak, Olathe-East
Sharon Lee, Olathe-East
Mary Lyon, Wichita-East
Allison Perry, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Marin Rodgers, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Neil Smucker, Newton
Marcy Urban, Maize-South
Bekah Wolgast, Topeka-West
Alt. 1 - Deborah Hass, Shawnee Mission-South
Alt. 2 - Christina Metzger, Overland Park-Saint Thomas Aquinas
Shannon Crow, Valley Center
Billy Ferguson, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Kayla Poore, Olathe-East
Megan Pope, Topeka-Washburn Rural
Alt. - Lauren Burks, Valley Center
Tyler Boyd, Olathe-South
Sarah Freeburne, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Courtney Heier, Olathe-East
Matt Shea, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Alt. - Helen Soultanian, Andover-Central
B-flat Clarinet
Elizabeth Bergee, Lawrence-Free State
Erika Brown, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Allison Budke, Salina-South
Vicky Calderon, Liberal
Katy Caswell, Salina-South
Elyssa Day, Arkansas City
Lucas Elliott, Shawnee Mission-South
Allison Golbach, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Carson Guinn, Goddard-Eisenhower
Asia Haque, Andover
Tristan Irish, Salina-South
Kaitlyn Johnson, Lawrence-Free State
Megan Keil, Olathe-North
Justin Kline, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Marisha Madhira, Olathe-North
Mark Maiden, Shawnee Mission-West
Jonathan McHenry, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Drew Mitchell, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Caleb Oeding, Maize-South
Will Plamann, Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Sandy Sanchez, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Katie Schwarz, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Jaejoon Shin, Emporia
Jackson Walker, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Chase Wallace, Olathe-East
Alt. 1 - Kate Hartman, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Alt. 2 - Amy Jordan, Hays
Bass Clarinet
Ronni Cox, Salina-Central
Ben Furnell, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Charles Glover, Olathe-North
Alex Meek, Derby
Alt. - Kaitlin Neill, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
B-flat Contra Clarinet
Vaughn Ericson, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Alt. - Katy Caswell, Salina-South
Alto Saxophone
Janelle Garden, Goddard
Veronica McKinny, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Aadil Naveed, Hutchinson
Aislinn Walters, Hays
Alt. - Elizabeth Trites, Shawnee Mission-South
Tenor Saxophone
Joe Lasley, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Kate Tarne, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Alt. - Maxwell Rohlf, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Baritone Saxophone
Christopher Opperman, Olathe-East
Alt. - Bradley Benson, Liberal
Kevin Crouse, Maize
Keegan Gillihan, Derby
Ankur Gupta, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Tyler Hanson, Lawrence-Free State
Ben Hower, Shawnee Mission-West
Peter Latendresse, Topeka-Seaman
Hannah Leiker, Overland Park-Saint Thomas Aquinas
Steven Murray, Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest
Harrison Naff, Andover-Central
Kenny Orr, Shawnee Mission-South
Remy Perrin, Maize-South
Jake Pettes, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Luke Reddick, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Jasper Shrake, Topeka
Hunter Sullivan, Topeka-Washburn Rural
Alt. 1 - Jacob Perez, Garden City
Alt. 2 - Ryan Patton, Goddard-Eisenhower
Carolyn Culp, Olathe-North
Jaleh Esfandiary, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Nicole Kakareka, Shawnee Mission-South
Nathan Lubek, Olathe-East
Sophie Polson, Olathe-Northwest
Sam Proulx, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Ajay Subramanian, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Collin Williams, Andover-Central
Alt. - Crystal Qian, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Tim Aspleaf, Shawnee Mission-South
Gabi Basel, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Wesley Crow, Valley Center
Luke Evans, Olathe-East
Chacko Finn, Shawnee Mission-North
Cole Harrison, Shawnee Mission-East
Danny Lovell, Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Shailendra Selvaraj, Shawnee Mission-South
Andrew Thiesen, Newton
Caleb Trieu, Stilwell-Blue Valley
Alt. 1 - Ian Campbell, Topeka-West
Alt. 2 - Toby King, Salina-Central
Erin Bonifield, Shawnee Mission-South
Isaiah Howell, Derby
Richard Nava, Liberal
Christian Stroud, Goddard-Eisenhower
Alt. - Hannah McGrath, Salina-South
Christopher Arce, Kansas City-Wyandotte
Rory Bowell, Salina-South
Andrew Moss, Shawnee-Shawnee Mission Northwest
Braden Oliphant, Derby
Matt Scott, Manhattan
Blake Swartz, Gardner-Edgerton
Alt. - Kody Kostboth, Andover
String Bass
Jake Wheeler, Shawnee Mission-East
Snare Drum
1 - Alex Goedken, Stilwell-Blue Valley
2 - Theron Dake, Gardner-Edgerton
3 - Matthew Anderson, Goddard-Eisenhower
4 - Sean Logan, Shawnee Mission-South
5 - Christian Martinez, Salina-South
Alt. - Coleson Douglas, Olathe-East
1 - Conner Viets, Shawnee Mission-South
2 - Nelson Spaulding, Andover-Central
3 - Cole Klinkhammer, Valley Center
Alt. - Jacob Wrovel, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Jeff Swartz, Gardner-Edgerton
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Bryan Kirk
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