Kansas Music Educators Association
In partnership with the
Greater Salina Community Foundation
Invite you to invest in the future of music education in Kansas!
As musicians, we are always looking for a nice, full sound. Great music needs to sound great. We work as individuals to produce the best, most pleasing sound possible throughout our musical lives. As music educators, we strive to have a room full of students doing their best for the group. We all know that if every person in the group is contributing his or her best, the group will be able to show progress for the goal.

This same outlook holds true for the KMEA Fund. At the end of 2009, we have raised enough money to very nearly underwrite two of our scholarships. That is nice, but we can do even better. Once we have all five of our KMEA scholarships fully underwritten, we can start using proceeds from the KMEA Fund to help with projects that will help our membership and be able to start awarding mini-grants for the betterment of music education and music students in Kansas.

Your support of the Kansas Music Educators Association will:

** Endow the current KMEA Scholarships **
** Establish future scholarships **
** Establish grants to music teachers **
** Establish future grants to school music programs **

Please make tax-deductible checks to the "KMEA FUND" and send them to:

John Taylor
KMEA Executive Director
614 N. Parkdale
Wichita, KS 67212